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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Mo's Excellent Adventure

It's time to recognize another family member.

Our cousin Mo is back in the south of Iraq, doing his best to keep U.S. helicopters in the skies. His family misses him very much and prays for his safe return. On the home front, he and his wife Pat are finally wrapping up the long, but rewarding test of endurance to adopt two year old Seth.

I'm very proud of my cousins' resolve and perseverance to provide this sweet little boy with a loving and permanent home. The picture I have of them together is already a year and a half old, but I'm sure that he's still the same sweet natured little boy that my daughters literally fought over two summers ago!

When Mo is home, he gets to do a lot of work with Washoe County Sheriff's Dept. in Nevada. I've included pictures here, and weblinks to pages that describe some of his adventures. Of course, he's rather humble about it all, but I think, "How exciting. To be able to be part of a team that helps others out of dangerous situations." It's no small feat, Mo. We're very proud of you. Come home safe! In his own words, this final homecoming will be a very special one indeed.

"TSA Recognizes Sheriff Staff"
The group picture below shows Washoe County Sheriff's Office staff and the RAVEN helicopter crew getting letters of appreciation from the homeland defense (Transportation Security Agency) for helping produce a video that dealt with security around the Reno-Cannon Airport.

From left to right: Ken S.-Federal Security, Lt. Gregg L.-RAVEN Commander, Maurice B.-Crew Chief, Steve P.-Federal Security, Sheriff B., Deputy Bernie C.-Pilot, Henry W.-Video Technician, Deputy Tom D.-Pilot, RPD Officer Scott S.-Observer
From the Wahsoe County Nevada homepage

"Lake Tahoe Disaster Drill"

"The Lake Tahoe picture was taken during an exercise put together by the Coast Guard. In this mock disaster drill, the "Tahoe Queen" was sinking and there were agencies from both Calif. and Nevada involved. It was a big exercise and a big learning curve for everyone. Yes, those are my legs hanging out the side of the aircraft operating the rescue hoist." - Mo


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