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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Qwest Guy comes through for my Mac

Whew! This sounds silly now, but I was pretty worried for a while--and just a little ticked, too. When Qwest told me they had to come out and upgrade my modem, and that I had to have a new email address, I was a little upset, but I figured that's the price of progress, right? But then, when the nice sales person told me they couldn't support my Apple computer I got MAD. Of course, my techie friends all told me not to worry; they said email protocols were the same regardless of computer platform and that once a Qwest technician actually came out, they were sure he/she would be able to get me set up without having to load all that Microsoft LIVE stuff on my laptop.

The only problem was, once the tech got here and confirmed my friends' suggestions, I didn't have an email account reserved on the new server. Thanks to that previous sales call, the email account wasn't ordered because the sales rep assumed I'd just have to go out and get email from some other ISP. Hey, when you're bundling all your other communications services with one company, why would you go out and spend more on a separate email account? Just doesn't really add up, does it?

Well, the very nice tech, named Guy from Denver, went the distance to get things started that night, and finished setting up the account remotely by the next morning. He even created my extra sub-account for me, which I could've done, but he was already on the account page so he did it for me. Guy gets a special plus with a Gold Star in my book! He understood my frustration with being told that because I use an Apple computer, I would not be supported (I don't know how many times I've heard this!) When will the rest of the world learn that Apple computer users are not space aliens? Our computers are just more reliable!! It was no sweat to get my little laptop set up, just a few clicks in the System Preferences, a couple updates in the email accounts dialogue and we were good to go. No software to load, no extra MS brands floating around on my desktop! Whoohooo!

I tried to post an email to Qwest praising Guy's exemplary service, but alas, they're afraid to get emails from residential customers.

Wonder why?

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