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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Photo Treasures from the Past

I was looking for a photo, and thought what the heck, some of my friends and family might like to see some of these old treasures. It might be fun to try to guess who's in the picture, and what year it was taken.

You can click on the picture to see a larger version. Just hit your back button to come back to the post. This first one was taken at Arizona Center in Phoenix right after it opened. Ray was visiting Phoenix and we took him on a "tour" of downtown. Back then revitalization of downtown Phoenix was just beginning. We thought we were being cute...actually the family thought I was a nerd setting this one up.

When the photo of the girls' first day of school was taken, no one noticed Eric in the background doing what Eric was always doing. ;-)

And those black lines behind Steve's head are tram cables....wasn't he slim and trim then?! Obviously, we used to do a lot more hiking and camping than we do now. At least Rene and Stacy are carrying on the tradition—they love to hike.