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Monday, January 04, 2010

Adie Flinches!

In October of 2009, my brother's little dog, Adie, was stricken with sudden and complete paralysis of her hindquarters. I wrote about it in a post dated October 11. All seemed lost at first, and the family feared she'd have to be put down.

Then, Adie's mood changed. She adjusted to her situation—with the help of a ton of tender loving care from her owners—and actually seemed to become used to her new routine. The family has also adjusted: they are grateful that their sweet little dog is still with them, and yet resigned to the fact that she'll probably be in a doggie-wheelchair the rest of her life.

However, there are now new developments. Small as they seem, a flicker of hope has been lit. My niece Jessica recently wrote on her Facebook page:
Adies kicking hard! Im beginning to think she's gonna walk again!

She flinches her legs when you pinch them, or when shes laying on her back and you touch her feet she will kick you. Dad said every time he takes her potty he stands her up and he barely has to hold her and she stands. Its taking time, but we have hope!!

We have no idea if this is going to lead to more healing. But, as my brother told me, nerve damage is a strange thing. Signs of regained strength and control, flinching at sensory stimulation are all signs that the damaged nerves are regenerating. Without knowing how much more control she'll gain, the family will be happy just to know that positive things are happening now.

That great attitude and heart that makes Adie who she is has helped her in her greatest time of need.  I'm sure that my brother's family are glad Adie didn't give up on herself, and I know they're glad they didn't give up on Adie!

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