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Monday, November 23, 2009

Castroville Cookies Part II - Taste Test Results

The Artichoke Evangelist sweetens the deal--too much!
Let me be perfectly honest: I think I got something wrong, here!

First off, the cookie recipe didn't call for any liquid. Nada! But, the mix was too dry, so I added a quarter cup of water. Perhaps the liquid was not supposed to be drained out of the cooked artichokes quite so much? You know how carrots and zucchini become pretty wet when grated? Maybe I should've left a bit of liquid in the chopped artichokes. Nevertheless, there had to be more liquid or they just weren't going to make a dough.

Secondly, the recipe called for toasted coconut, and didn't specify sweetened or unsweetened. So, since grocery stores had plenty of sweetened, untoasted shredded coconut,that's what I used. I just toasted the coconut lightly, first.

Everything else went well--they baked up beautifully. However, these cookies are SWEET! As in a bit too sweet for me. I can eat one, then...well, too rich for my blood.

To fix that, next time I will use "UN-sweetened" coconut! Because this recipe uses two different prepackaged mixes that already have a ton of sugar in them, there's no other way to control the sugar content except to rebuild the recipe from scratch. If anyone has any suggestions let me know! I used a Dunkin Heinz White Cake mix, and a Jello Pistachio flavored instant pudding. Possibly other brand mixes don't have quite so much sugar in them. These could be even better if they were just a bit less sweet. They have just the right amount of artichoke in them so that they could actually be sort of good for you--with fiber, too!

I made 6 DOZEN! I sure hope Steve's family can tolerate the sugar rush these are going to cause on Thanksgiving! We are going to be bouncing off the walls!!

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