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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Update: Steve's Mom doing great!

This is an amazing turn-around; my husband's mom is doing so well now! Our daughter visited her while we were out of town, and she remarked on how engaged and involved her grandmother had become again in such a short time. She's going out with her new friends, attending functions at her apartment community and so much more lively and . . . dare I say, Happy!

In retrospect, we all agree that the biggest ingredient missing in her life was human interaction. She missed her friends; she missed having her young grandchildren to care for; and there was no husband at home any longer to interact with. When that one last ingredient that made it easy to get to these things was taken away--freedom to get around on her own--she crashed.

Humans were meant to be around other humans. A cat or dog can help, but they can't fully replace the interaction and motivation that comes from being around other people.

We're all so glad to have found this wonderful place for Gramma P to live. And we're relieved that she's feeling better. Can't wait to get a rousing game of dominoes going with her again!


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