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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Need to get away? Try an Alpine ranch for a change!

We met some real nice folks in the wine & cheese room of the Giant Artichoke one day in February. They were asking about the local area and looking for some "off the beaten path" types of things to do on a rainy weekend. We told them we had just taken the Salinas River Wine Road and thoroughly enjoyed it. This seemed to be the type of thing these self-professed down to earth ranchers would enjoy.

They themselves were opening up a “working ranch” vacation rental up in Sierraville CA, by Lake Tahoe. They were so excited about it, I promised them I’d spread the word about their fledgling operation. Their names were Cindy and Tony Maddalena, and I can say they were very nice, and we immediately could tell we had a lot in common with them. I can’t vouch for the business yet, but it does look interesting, and I'd love to wake up in the morning to a hot cup of coffee and a view of the ranch right off the porch. In turn, we hope they enjoyed the Wine Road as much as we did!

If you're thinking of a family or group getaway, this might just be the type of thing you'll like. They'll even let you bring your own horse, if you're so inclined!

Maddalena Ranch House – Vacation Rental
Cindy and Tony Maddelena, owners
Phone Cindy at 530-994-3553
or fax to the same number.
Their cell phones: 530-514-3554 or 530-514-0011
934 W. Willow St.
P.O. Box 121
Sierreville, CA 96126
Emailto: maddalenaranch@psin.com
The Maddalena Ranch House website

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