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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Stacy's Biggest Move Yet!

Stacy has made a giant step to the home of the Giants...the San Francisco Giants, that is. On July 4th we joined her at her new apartment to meet the roomies and move in the last of her precious few items.
She is extremely excited about her new home, and knows that a bit of homesickness is to be expected. We were used to her being in Flagstaff, that's only a two-hour drive. But San Francisco takes a bit more time and planning to get to. Oh well, she's young and adventure doesn't scare her. There are family nearby, and we're very proud of her decision to chase her dream and live in the big city...well, not that big. Phoenix is bigger, but SFO is definitely a big leap from Flagstaff. She's already soaking up the culture, and visiting the Golden Gate park every chance she gets.

I think she's going to like it there. Good luck to you Stace, we love you!!

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