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Sunday, September 28, 2008

The next generation moves on, out and up

It's awfully quiet around here this week. Rene is flying out of New York today, Stacy's been in San Francisco for a couple of months now, and even our nephew, Matt, left for Air Force boot camp two weeks ago. Almost all the kids are adults! When did that happen?

Here are some updates on the kids:

Rene will be in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia for around 3 months for training. Then she'll be on her own, with a job and her own apartment in a town somewhere in the country. In the meantime, the best way to catch up with her will be via email, her blog whereisrene.wordpress.com/ and Facebook—though she told us today that the Peace Corps will only pay for 15 hours per month of internet service. Seems like an awfully short time, but I told her to write in advance and post quickly! No Skype calls for casual purposes; no surfing the net for fun; no long video chats. That's a major lifestyle change for her!

Stacy is keeping busy in SFO canvassing for the DNC during the week, helping out in the home of a family friend on weekends and interviewing for Social Work positions. Her biggest learning seems to be that in San Fran, you really need to speak Spanish and Mandarin Chinese to get a position with a non-profit social work program. I see Spanish language classes in her future.

I don't have much news for now about our nephew Matt, as he's at Lackland AFB in Texas and won't get many opportunities to call home for the first eight weeks. We can write him though... contact me or his Dad if you want his address. I'm sure mail from friends and family will fill his lonely times.


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