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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Does Macedonia have a new Football Star?

Rene was always a bit clumsy as a kid...in fact her Indian camping name was "Princess Runs Like a Duck." Yes, she was understandably deeply embarrassed by that title, but we stopped taking her camping with us when she was about 14, so she was spared from total teen angst after that. Besides, she had other talents in those years...she was a great fireside storyteller, and our camping pals would always ask when Rene would be "on" so they could get comfortable for the show.

We enrolled her in dance classes at a very young age, but she dropped out. She tried tennis, track and diving in high school, but again, she dropped out. Her Dad, himself a star Little Leaguer as a kid, resolved himself to her un-jockness, and moved on to little sister Stacy, who really liked softball.

But now it appears that Rene has found a new, blossoming talent! You can read all about it on her blog, at WhereisRene.wordpress.com. And we always thought she hated sports!!


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